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Art of Voice Public sessions allows you to work in small groups and then one to one. This is the ideal way to better manage and tune each individual voice which is as unique as a fingerprint! You can also chose to work one to one to suit the convenience of your busy work schedule.

“I have had the privilege to work on my voice with some of the best in the broadcasting business and my voice has opened doors to many wonderful and life changing experiences”.

“You too can become a more effective and powerful communicator with proper technique and proven tools. It’s like playing a musical instrument; the sound is determined by the skill and feel of the player. Voice work is exciting and vibrant because it’s our connection to other people. It expresses who we are and leaves an imprint on our listener. Experience my uplifting workshops and coaching sessions for yourself!”

“Coaching is the leading avenue for people to be extraordinary in their lives & Voice Coaching has empowered my clients to gain personal and professional success”. - Jessica Seet, Founder, Art of Voice.